"Friend's Week" at IERPROES Nursing School, July 30, 2009

Hello, everyone!

I’m very glad because I recently began my second semester of studies, even if classes were cancelled three weeks into the semester due to the AH1N1 flu.

We’ve had some activities at the Institute. On July 10th, we held some intramural games at the Satélite San Salvador court. We also celebrated “Friend’s Week,” followed by the coronation of the queen of IEPROES Nursing School. These have all been very important activities, for they help us classmates come together to go on ahead.

The subjects I’m taking this semester have higher expectations of us, since they are now about the specifics of being a nurse and so require a lot more groupwork. I have to dedicate all of my time to my studies. Now that we have been given two weeks off, we have also been assigned homework and research projects so that we don’t fall behind.

Your browser may not support display of this image.Here at the community, we all miss Vickie because, even if we are in contact, she is very far from us. I am also glad because she will be back within a few days. For her, these vacations must be times full of happiness and joy with her family.

The August parties dedicated to El Salvador del Mundo ("the World’s Divine Savior") are an upcoming solemn celebration important to the Catholic and Salvadroran community, in general. This activity, however, also benefits businesspeople greatly.

Well, we must ask the Prince of Peace to always guide us and that we may follow his example, for he rules the world with paternal love while allowing each of us to make decisions of his own. We similarly ask for administrators of every country, that in these moments of anguish the Prince of Peace provide us with His wisdom, so that there may be justice, harmony, and true democracy. May the World’s Divine Savior protect us and allow us to enjoy the good of every one of our days.

Happy Holidays,