The End of A First Semester :), July 5, 2009


I hope you find yourselves well. This month I got some rest from my studies, yet at the same time worked very hard out of the program. Thank God, everything worked out well. Other than work, what I liked the most was visiting the sick at the General Hospital. I see the face of Christ in each of them, and I feel called to serve them with love and take care of them the best I can according to their needs.

Today, I returned home because tomorrow, Monday, the 6th of July, begins the next semester of class. I place myself in the hands of God so that he may guide me and that I may use my time wisely to obtain the wisdom I need in my life.

I continue to ask of your prayers for every country’s sicknesses and situations. May Our Lord give us the wisdom we need to solve political, economic, and social problems. May each and every one of you have much joy in your lives.

Until next time…