Behind It All

US Board of Directors:
Philip Joseph Sheridan, President
Lizeth O. Mora Hernandez, Secretary

Michael Patrick Sheridan, Esq., Director
Regina A. Rust, Director

Victoria Lauren Cavanaugh, Founder

Nuestro Ahora was begun in September 2006 by a university student in the States who had spent the previous year studying abroad in El Salvador. After living for a year with the 119 children who call la Comunidad Oscar Arnulfo Romero (COAR) their home, the student returned to Boston College to complete her senior year. In making the transition between third-world and first, the most notable difference influencing all others seemed to be summed up in education. Nuestro Ahora is about changing that. It's about making education real and practical and available. It's learning to make a difference so that a difference can indeed be made. It's about giving back the future to the children of El Salvador by giving them a chance. . .in the classroom and beyond. Because we will all benefit from that.

Nuestro Ahora was one person's dream but making it a reality took the help and support of many. This page features the people "Behind It All," the people who have given of themselves--of their time, of their talent, and of their treasure--simply because they could not imagine not doing so, simply because they have always believed that all kids deserve a chance. . .

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