A Convivio in Suchitoto: A Weekend with the High School Scholars, Everyone Dreaming Big September 13, 2009


I’m glad to write to you again, and I wish you are all well.

This last week has meant much work for me in my studies. I’ve had exams to do and assignments to turn in but this weekend was a pleasant one. We went to a gathering at Suchitoto in Casa Arte de Paz. We had already gone before, but today we shared the experience with high school students.

We started that Saturday with lunch and, before leaving home, we held an activity that not only helped us remember students’ names, but also allowed us to interact with all of them. After our arrival, we held various activities in which we shared part of our history and a song that left us a positive message. Every one of us did his best for others to feel comfortable.

On Sunday we went to mass and, after lunch, to Lake Suchitlán, where we had our last share of activities regarding our futures. We then went on a boat ride to the hermit’s place. It was all quite novel to all of us.

Later that night, we all returned to our respective homes, happy about our moments of relaxation and sharing with others. It had all been very dynamic.

I would like to thank Vickie and Odilia for organizing and supporting the event so that it could all work out well.

Until next time,