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At Nuestro Ahora, Inc. we firmly believe in the future and dreams of children, especially those most in need. We work in El Salvador, striving to enrich the lives of youth in orphanages and shelters by making quality education available to them. We understand that a solid academic foundation allows these youth not just to survive, but to thrive, becoming agents of hope and promise in their communities and in our world.

Nuestro Ahora, Inc. is dedicated to our three program areas: our university program, our high school prep program, and our education in orphanages program. We directly support 18 young men and women, who collectively represent 6 of the some 15 orphanages we work with throughout western and central El Salvador. Over the past four years I've been in El Salvador, I have been blessed with the amazing gift of watching the scholarship program Nuestro Ahora, Inc. grow from a dream to a tangible reality, enriching the lives of so many Salvadoran youth in need.

I urge to take a few moments to explore our site. You can meet some of our current students by clicking
here, learn about the orphanages we work in by clicking here, and read about our most recent activities by clicking here. If you find the mission and vision of Nuestro Ahora worthy, I ask you to remember us in your thoughts and prayers, to share our program with your friends and family, and to join our donors in supporting El Salvador's youth.

Thank you for caring, and I hope you are willing to support us in "learning. . .to make a difference."

with great gratitude,

victoria lauren cavanaugh,
founder & director