A Visit from Boston College, Cooking, & Cards June 15, 2009

Hello everyone!

I hope you find yourselves all right and well with your family and friends and, most importantly, receiving many blessings from God. Well, on this occasion, I will tell you about many important things we have done throughout the week. This week, I’ve had some final exams, since we are about to finish this semester. Although they are difficult and I have to study a lot, I feel very happy, since I like my career. I’ve also always believed that knowledge is one of the most valuable riches one can have and share, and that spreading it to others is the best reward one can receive. I’ve also lived alongside many people with the same aspirations I have, which makes me feel comfortable. Also, on Tuesday some students from Boston College visited us, and we shared pleasant moments with them. We talked about our interests and goals, and we saw a slideshow with several pictures of activities we had held in the course of this year.

On Friday, Vickie taught me how to cook a certain dessert. It was very exciting, since I learned some of her cooking recipes. We also made some cards, which I consider to be nice because we can convey our feelings through creativity.

And so now I say goodbye, thanking you for reading this webpage and learning of our activities. Forever wishing you success in your work and daily life…