A Weekend to Visit the Community, March 7-8, 2009

You know, this weekend I went out with my mother, grandmother, sister, and a person close to my family. Well, this weekend was one of the weekends in the Program that we had free, to visit our community. (Note: Students spend two weekends a month in San Salvador working on Program activities such as community service projects or visiting museums, parks, or historical sites. Two other weekends each month are spent visiting their community. . .any family they have.)

So, I went with my family to a park in El Salvador, a place very near where I lived when I was an infant. I had never had the opportunity to go with my grandmother to such a place. My grandmother is 83 years old, and I really admire her, because despite her age, she likes to walk a ton and know new places.

This weekend I realized the will that each person has that allows us to accomplish and do that what we wish to do and to go where we wish to go and that there are not obstacles when we have this will.

The good in life is what each person makes of it.