Visitors from Boston College and New York, February 28-March 1, 2009

Hello Friends and Supporters,
I write to you with warm greetings.
Thank God, we have finished another week and month of work with happiness. I want to tell you about some of the things we did this past weekend. Saturday, Vickie, Magdalena, and Maricela went to the airport to pick up four visitors: Anne, Joyce, John, and Arturo. They visited the memorial site where Jean, Dorothy, Ita, and Maura were martyred.
In the afternoon, we went out to dinner with a delegation of young men and women from Boston College (check out the group pic above!). We ate pupusas, and later returned to our scholarship house so the students could see a photo presentation about our Program. We played icebreakers and shared quesadilla (traditional Salvadoran sweet bread) and hot chocolate. . .which our guests seemed to enjoy. After, we shared a bit about our experiences in the scholarship program, and the students from Boston College told us a bit about their lives. It helps us to learn about the experience of other young people, also fighting for a better future.
On Sunday, we left very early to meet the other visitors from New York (Joyce, Anne, John, and Arturo). First, we visited Divina Providencia (the place where Mons. Romero was assassinated). Afterwards, we went to Mass in the Cripta of the Cathedral in San Salvador. We also visited the memorial wall in Cuscatlan Park and Rosario Church in the Centro. Finally, we visited La Puerta del Diablo and Los Planes de Renderos, in the mountains overlooking the city of San Salvador, where we ate lunch. (The pic above is of us in the micro as we traveled around to all these exciting places!) A bit tired, we returned to our house and our guests went back to their hotel. In the evening, Joyce, Anne, John, and Arturo came to visit us again, this time at our scholarship house. We shared a typical Salvadoran dinner of pupusas. After we enjoyed hot chocolate and some delicious pastries that our visitors brought to share. We shared our experiences and had great conversations.
And so, we enjoyed another great weekend, collaborating to make the most of the visits.
Until soon,

Here are some more pics from our weekend. . .

Celsa, Magda, and Maricela with BC students. . .waiting for pupusas :)

BC students, Mirian, and Celsa. . .icebreakers at the park near the scholarship house

the human knot!

slide show at the scholarship house. . .sharing stories
Celsa and Mirian, downtown San Salvador

Odilia, Magda, Celsa, Maricela, and Fr. Kirwin at the Memorial Wall in Parque Cuscatlan

Magda, Mirian, Odilia, Fr. Kirwin, Anne, Joyce, and Celsa enjoying lunch

Mirian, Celsa, and the Kirwin Brothers visiting Iglesia Rosario

Fr. John Kirwin, Joyce, Fr. Art Kirwin, Anne, Maricela, and Mirian at Puerta del Diablo

New York visitors: group shot at the scholarship house!

Odilia, Magdalena, Joyce,

Mirian, Fr. John Kirwin, Maricela, Fr. Art Kirwin, Anne, and Vickie