The Week of St. Patrick's Day, March 15-21, 2009


I want to share with you that this week we have finally chosen the music for the Mass that we will celebrate the March 29th. We've also decorated the house for the Lenten season.

I'm also very excited for my praxis, or community service, site. Personally, I feel very happy to be realizing my service at the Somascos Emiliani Seminary orphanage because I'm helping kids learn to read. Thursday I got to go with the kids from the orphanage to the Tin Marin Museum.

Friday we did the general cleaning in the house, and afterwards I made BBQ chicken but I think even though maybe I didn't cook it all the way it still was very delicious :). And that's how we finished the week. I wish you the best for the coming week and ask God to bless our home and all those who live here as well as all those involved in supporting the Program.

Warm wishes,