Regina A. Rust, Director

Regina Rust (right side in pic) hails from Indiana, where she recently graduated from Marian College after completing studies in Biology and Sociology. Regina met the Director of Nuestro Ahora through the Casa de la Solidaridad program while studying abroad in El Salvador in 2005. It was there that they both fell in love with El Salvador by being exposed to its broken reality, and thus found their calling. She she has had the opportunity to study briefly at the University of El Salvador (UES) and collaborate with the youth group CoCoSI (Committee Against AIDS) in the rural community of Santa Marta, Cabañas. She currently resides in Pilsen, a Mexican community on the near-south side of Chicago, where she is a member of La Otra Campaña in solidarity with the Zapatista community of Chiapas, Mexico and studies Public Health at the University of Illinois at Chicago.