Philip J. Sheridan, President

Bringing fifty years of expertise in the field of Labor Arbitration and Labor/Employment Law, Philip J. Sheridan dedicates his extensive knowledge to leading the US Board of Directors for Nuestro Ahora, Inc. The founder of Sheridan & Associates, Inc., a labor-management consulting firm, he operated the firm for a quarter century until his retirement in 1996. In addition, he served as senior partner of Shamrock Realty Partnership. Recognized as a national seminar leader, he spoke throughout the country on the topic of labor relations management between labor unions and employers for some twenty-five years. With such experience of his own, he looks forward to guiding, along with the other directors, the growing scholarship program so that ultimately many more Salvadoran students can be served.

Mr. Phil Sheridan, a resident of Marco Island, Florida, first traveled to El Salvador in the fall of 2005 and was introduced to some of the current scholarship students. Along with his wife, Betty, he spent fifteen days touring the country, visiting the COAR orphanage and the University of Central America (UCA), among several other rural and urban sites. He looks forward to returning in the future, and this time being able to visit the scholarship students in their new home with Nuestro Ahora.

Mr. Phil Sheridan is a proud father of four children and eleven grandchildren.