In Between Semesters. . .Successes & Hopes, July 19, 2009

Hello everyone!

Thank you for continuing to visit our webpage. I hope you find yourselves in good health and prospering in life.

I would like to comment to you that I have recently finished one more semester at university and that I am currently on vacation. I’m glad because, thank God, I was able to do better this university semester than I had on previous ones. I’m also happy to be able to progress with my practical subjects. This following semester, I’ll take a subject that will give me the chance to help a child in need, something I will do with the help of a professor. Knowing that I will get such an opportunity motivates me. However, at same time it also fills me with challenges, since I always want to do things well and give my best in every aspect – well, at least in everything within my power.....:)

I’m happy to share my activities with all of you. I'll write to you again soon.Your browser may not support display of this image.