Happy Birthday Odilia!, April 26 to 30th

Hello Friends!

How are you? What's new? What have you been up to? I hope you are all well.

Thanks to God, we have finished the fourth month of the year, and personally, I've had a hard time with my studies, but it's good because little by little I've been improving things.

Actually, right now everyone is very focused on what is happening in Mexico and in other countries like here in El Salvador where there is great alert about the swine influenza. We are praying a lot for everyone and doing the recommended things to prevent the spread of the illness and asking God that soon enough the whole thing ends.

We're also in a time of change in El Salvador as May 1st, the new leaders. . .the mayors and deputies across the country. . .will be sworn into office. We believe in the newly elected leaders and hope that they will work for the common good.

In our scholarship community we are also working, as always, to improve certain things, to do our best in our studies and our praxis (service work). Personally, I feel really good at the orphanage where I'm doing my praxis as I watch the infants each day as they fight for their health and are gradually getting better. . .and bigger. :) It's really a privilege for me to be able to give back a little and collaborate with the nuns at the orphanage and try to give the infants some of the love they need so much.

I leave you here, wishing you the best and God's protection, that he guides you always, and that together we continue to improve the things occurring all around us.

Until soon,


Happy Birthday Odilia!

. . .the person who helps us all the most in the scholarship house