Born in a country in the midst of civil war, her struggles started early. Her determination to overcome those struggles, however, came early as well. While growing up in the COAR orphanage in rural El Salvador, Magda studied hard to excel in school.

Graduation Day: Magda with her mentor, Marta.

At her high school graduation in the fall of 2006, she was awarded Excellence in Academics for her perseverance, courage, and dedication. With the help of Nuestro Ahora, Magda is now in her third year of studies at the acclaimed Universidad Centroamericana, the Jesuit University of Central America, San Salvador, where she is pursuing a degree in psychology. Inspired by her personal hero, Mons. Romero, she hopes one day to use her degree to affect change for the marginalized of El Salvador. She wants especially to be able to help the kids growing up as she did.