"Walking With Nuestro Ahora"

By Regina Rust, Member of the Board of Directors
June-August 2008

As a member of the board of directors, I was privileged enough to make my first official visit to the home of the Nuestro Ahora Program in San Salvador. It was uplifting to see the remarkable progress the program has made since my last contact in El Salvador with the founder Vickie as the idea was being conceived only in theoretical terms. It is truly remarkable to watch something be born and grow, and it was truly a privilege to be present during a few moments with the program as it takes its first steps…

With students Celsa and Reina during a visit to an orphanage in Sonsonate

During a recent trip to El Salvador to complete my practicum for my master’s studies in public health, I finally got the chance to get a first-hand view of the program in action. In one of these visits, I got the opportunity to accompany members of the Nuestro Ahora community to an orphanage visit in Sonsonate. It was here that I got a glimpse of the passion that drives the students in the program to help young orphans from a reality they understand all too well. The connection they make with these children is deeper than anyone else could provide, and their insights prove valuable to forming a program that suits the needs of these children.

The Nuestro Ahora crew helped me celebrate my birthday in a special time of fellowship

I was delighted to share in times of fellowship with the community, as I got to learn more about the students, their goals and their studies at the university. While they live together as a community, each student follows her own path to achieving her own educational goals. It is remarkable to see pioneer student (the first to enter the program) Magda well on her way to her studies in Psychology at the UCA (the Jesuit University of Central America), and Reina as well beginning her studies at the university. One student, Celsa is just starting out in the “El Caminito” Program but already shows a great initiative and interest for the program, and reflects energy for the future waiting to be unleashed.

Magda (student) and Odilia (Program mentor)

Like many other prospective students, these young people can only achieve these accomplishments with the support of many people who care about their success. With varied interests and talents, these students will truly be a light for the future as they follow their dreams. Nuestro Ahora gives them the tools they need to follow these dreams. I hope you too will have the opportunity to make a visit to the Nuestro Ahora community to witness the growth of young these minds and spirits as they set out in the road less traveled and deny the reality handed them.

Pioneer student Magda, myself, Founder Vickie, and “El Caminito” student Celsa