A Visit to Hogar de Las Hermanas Inmaculado Corazon, Izalco, Sonsonate

As part of the tradition of Nuestro Ahora, each month the students visit one of the many local orphanages to spend time with the children living there. Last month, the students, along with Regina Rust, one of the members of the US Board of Directors, and Vickie Cavanaugh, the program director, traveled to Sonsonate. In addition to visiting the children, we also met with Ana Maria, a hopeful scholarship candidate for the coming year. Ana Maria grew up at Hogar Inmaculado Corazon. Her hard work and dedication, and the support she received at the orphanage helped her become a successful student. To help her and students like her continue their studies and realize their dream for a better El Salvador, please click here.

The following update was written by current Program participant, Celsa Gomez:

June 14, Vickie, Regina, Reyna, and I went to visit the Hogar de Las Hermanas Inmaculado Corazon de Maria in Izalco, Sonsonate. There are many children there in many different situations, each one with his or her own story. They all need a lot of love and support so that they can get better.

Celsa, Reyna, and Vickie (left to right)

I met Ana Maria who is actually now working at the orphanage, and who, before that, lived there for many years. She finished high school and is now really motivated to learn more about the scholarship program. She seems really interested in continuing to study, and I hope that next year she’ll be able to be part of Nuestro Ahora and our community.

For me, it’s something really beautiful to be able to go and know different orphanages in El Salvador because it motivates me to continue fighting for my own improvement and in that way help my country by bettering myself. It’s necessary that every person who wants to be professional works to improve our country.

Regina is visiting us every weekend and she is very active and working in our country with communities in need of support. The reality is that in all parts of our country we have many problems, and thanks to such North American visitors, we’re able to improve a little.

Regina dancing with the girls of Inmaculada Concepcion :)

Reyna (center) with the kids