Odilia, Mentor

From the very beginning, Odilia has given her all to the concept of Nuestro Ahora. She serves as mentor, working directly with program participants by offering support in all areas from choosing a major to listening to a participant's worries about a difficult family situation. Odilia holds a degree in Psychology from la Universidad Pedologica, and has a wide range of experience working with the youth of her country. Born in Soyapango, San Salvador, Odilia began her career teaching in a school close to where she grew up. She later worked in San Jose Villa Nueva, La Libertad with several different regional and transnational organizations focused on improving the situation for El Salvador's youth. Today, Odilia serves as the Director of Residence at COAR, and tirelessly dedicates the little time off she receives to mentoring the participants of Nuestro Ahora.